Emanating Rays • Tyrone Turquoise
Emanating Rays • Tyrone Turquoise

Emanating Rays • Tyrone Turquoise

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Hand-crafted from solid sterling silver sheet.  Hand set in fine silver is a beautiful piece of Tyrone Turquoise from New Mexico.  Hand stamped details to create rays of sunshine emanating from the turquoise.  Earrings hang from solid sterling silver hinged ear wires. 

Wearable art that is truly one of a kind. Hand fabricated jewelry is a product of time, patience, and accumulated knowledge, making each piece irreplaceable.  

 Earring Measurement - ~.75 inch (not including ear wire)

"Turquoise mining in the Burro Mountains near Silver City, New Mexico, has been going on since pre-historic times. The Tyrone mine produced great quantities of hard, deep and bright blue turquoise as well as pale spring green turquoise..

"Turquoise John" or John Coleman, is credited with the modern unearthing of Turquoise in this area. It is said he discovered some of the old mining activities while he was on a hunting trip in 1875. It is also told that WJ Foley and Nicholas Ransome were told by local Native traders that the ancient workings were hidden in the mountains, and a search resulted in the discovery of the ancient excavations.

The mine hasn't produced any turquoise since the 80's, when Phelps Dodge changed its method of mining copper to the process of crushing and acid wash which destroys the Turquoise.

Turquoise from this mine is highly collectible." -Sunwest Silver