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Sturgeon Fishing the Snake River

There once was a time when the Snake river was a free flowing river form source to sea. In the short time that man has been on this earth, we have chopped it into many pieces. Not thinking how it may affect the life cycles of the many native fish who were here long before us, many of the sections between dams became long reservoirs of slow moving water, which is not natural for the reproduction of the White Sturgeon.  Although Salmon and Steelhead get most of the media attention, the White Sturgeon still suffer greatly due to the many obstacles man has created.  Free flowing water is vital for the reproduction and survival of these native fish.  Although these fish...

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DIY Public Land Archery Elk Hunting In Idaho

August 30, 2019 It's opening day of archery elk and I have a rifle tag. My husband calls me and suggests I trade my rifle tag in for an archery tag. With a moose tag and a big horn sheep tag in the family, and an upcoming art show, I might not get to hunt alot during the rifle season. So, I headed to fish & Game and traded my tag in. After work that evening, we headed up in the mountains. The weather was perfect and when we got to our spot, the wind was calm. As we hiked up the mountain, we could smell elk, our wind was perfect. There was fresh sign and rubs all around us....

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