Men's Elk Ivory Antler Talisman
Men's Elk Ivory Antler Talisman
Men's Elk Ivory Antler Talisman
Men's Elk Ivory Antler Talisman

Men's Elk Ivory Antler Talisman

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Hand fabricated using sterling and fine silver. All pieces of silver were hand fired together and forged flat to make a unique coin/talisman.  A little rough around the edges, to show the beauty of how it was formed by hand.  Atop will sit your unique elk ivory and a 6 point hand-sawed elk antler (if you prefer a different antler design, please let me know, otherwise the 6 point will be used).  Oxidized and hand finished to a subtle shine.  Comes on a substantial weight, solid sterling silver oxidized fox chain.  A chain that is truly as unique as the pendant on it.  Please choose between a 20 inch or 24 inch chain.  Wearable art that is truly one of a kind. Hand fabricated jewelry is a product of time, patience, and accumulated knowledge, making each piece irreplaceable.

***For this design you may use your own ivory, or one of mine for an additional ($30).  Please choose which option you will be using.***

Want to add names, initials or a date on the back? If so, please include what you would like on the back along with your ivory when you ship it. (Please call 208-756-2077 or send email if not using your own ivory).

Your Elk Ivory piece will be shipped back to you within 8-10 weeks from when I receive your Ivory.  You will be notified via email or call when your ivory is received. And notified again, with a photo and tracking number when your Ivory is ready to ship.

PLEASE make sure to enter in an email or phone number at checkout.

**All Elk Ivory pieces will be shipped back to you insured**


Please make sure your ivory/ivories are in a ziploc bag and have your name and phone number in there, along with any other details I may need for your Elk Ivory piece. 
You can send them to

Hammered In The Mountains 
P.O. Box 544
Salmon, ID 83467 

Please make sure they are in a small box or a bubble mailer, (just as long as it's not a plain envelope with a stamp, those get caught in the mail sorter). You can send either 1st class or priority, (1st class is  ~$5 and priority is ~$8) you'll get a tracking # with both.